IPL - Intense Pulsed Light

In short - Yes. While there is no such thing as "permanent" hair removal, most people will achieve an extremely effective hair reduction with each treatment. The amount of regrowth between treatments will significantly reduce. In some cases, patients report complete hair reduction with no regrowth - with only maintenance required once a year or so.

In reality, each persons hair growth pattern is different and is effected by hormonal changes such as the level of testosterone. That being said, even for the most hairy of men with high levels of testosterone levels, your can significantly benefit from IPL and see a dramatic and permanent hair reduction.

Almost anywhere! All areas of the face can be treated.
Common treatment areas include :-

  • chin
  • upper lip
  • cheeks
  • under-arm
  • legs
  • arm

Even Brazilians can be done easily and painlessly.

For runners, cyclists and other sports enthusiasts where having a "hair-free" appearance is important, you will truly benefit from IPL treatment. Areas prone to in-growns can be treated easily and effectively.

For men who at the end of the day look like they didn't shave that morning, look no further. IPL can be used to remove beard regrowth, improve skin collagen and take years of your appearance.

Then you're in luck! Nearly all skin types and hair colours can be treated, but if you have a lighter skin tone and darker hair colour then you will definitely benefit from IPL.
IPL targets the melanin pigment deep down in the base of the follicle. The darker the root of the hair, the more melanin present and the more effective destruction of the hair follicle is achieved.

Unfortunately if you have a darker or a more tanned appearance, you have more surface melanin. This tends to "block" some of the energy required to destroy the hair follicle and so the IPL machine cannot work at maximum efficiency and in some cases lead to blistering of the skin.

So, if you have lighter hair colour and darker skin colour, you are probably looking at more treatments, but the end result will be the same.

Sooner than you think! Hair grows in cycles and the cycle differs for everyone. The most important cycle for hair removal is called the "anagen" or "active" phase. This is only one of three hair growth phases. It is during this phase that the hair bulb has sufficient melanin to aid in the permanent destruction of the follicle.

So on average only about one-third of all hair follicles are in the active growth stage, and therefore able to be targeted by IPL treatment.

Usually multiple treatment sessions will be required. It will take on average between 4 and 6 treatments at "maximum" power (based on your skin tone and hair colour), to obtain effective results. And while people will darker skin or lighter hair whill require more treatments, everyone will benefit from IPL!

Still have questions? Click here to read the IPL FAQ.

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