Permanent Hair removal is only a few buzzes away!

The removal of unwanted hair by inserting a fine needle into the hair follicle and applying a small electric current is known as Electrolysis. This type of hair removal has been around for centuries and is the only technique that will treat grey hair, white hair, fine blonde and fine dark hair to achieve permanent hair removal.

At Bella Donna we have over 20 years experience in Electrolysis. We only use disposable needles and the needles are only inserted into the hair follicle, not the skin! We ensure that current levels are set to an comfortable setting to ensure that your experience is as pain and worry free as possible. We ensure the strictest hygience levels are adhered to at all times.

Call Bella Donna on (08) 8361 2600, today and ask how they can make you realise your beauty potential.

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