dermalogica® Facial Treatments

Bella Donna uses and recommends dermalogica® products for all their facial treatments

Face Mapping
Exclusive to dermalogica®. A complimentary service which provides a deep look into your skin's health. Using the latest in skin analysis technology for flawless results.

The Bella Donna Experience Facial
The ultimate treatment for skin care and relaxation. Specifically customised by the skin therapist to suit your skin type. Double cleanse, exfoliation, mask, hydra-mist, a relaxing aromatherapy massage, followed by a moisturiser.

Age Defining Treatment
Ideal for those who want to firm, refresh and nourish the skin. Using a powering retinol-based exfoliation with deep penetrating vitamins and concluding with a firming contouring mask, your skin's elasticity, tone and texture will be improved.

Medical Clearing Treatment
Ideal for clients suffering from any form of breakout, blackhead and blemishes. A deep cleansing, purifying treatment with extractions, this service will help clear existing blemishes while helping to prevent future breakout activity.

Skin Brightening Treatment
Suffering from the signs of hyper-pigmentation? Our brightening treatment will help stop uneven pigmentation, helping to balance complexion for a brighter, more even appearance.

Men's Skin Treatment
This treatment focuses on deep cleansing, smoothing exfoliation, extractions and critical hydration for healthier skin. Ideal for men suffering from ingrown hairs and those seeking a fresh appearance.

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