Manicures & Pedicures

Treat your hand and feet to a little pampering

At Bella Donna we offer both mini and deluxe manicures. Whether you just need a soak, clip, shape, cuticle push-back and strengthening top coat, or a more intense luxurious and relaxing treatment, let the skilled nail technicians at Bella Donna work their magic so your nails look their best.

And for that extra bit of pizazz, why not look at getting Shellac.

But if its your feet that need a little attention, then why not indulge in a Pedi-Spa?
Enjoy a whirl pool spa and relaxing massaging back rest while enjoying the benefits of a deluxe pedicure, including blading.

Call Bella Donna on (08) 8361 2600, today and ask how they can make you realise your beauty potential.

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